• jon

    Posted 1199 days ago

  • I was struck by the Virginia Woolf's quote:

    She’d gotten the right to vote at the same time that she’d inherited a legacy from her aunt. “Of the two—the vote and the money—the money, I own, seemed infinitely the more important,” Woolf reflected.

    Voting is meaningful when blocs of voters have the appropriate power and representation in government. Without it, voting can seem futile. It's curious that one of history's most famous feminists would say this.

    Also what caught my eye was:

    Giving women the vote would change everything. It would end poverty, and wars, too! So promised Britain’s militant suffragists, envisioning a civilization in which the patriarchy was upended and society’s evils were largely vanquished.

    We think this was with almost any political ideology. This was written well and made me think that much of what I think today follows a similar pattern.