• jon

    Posted 1246 days ago

  • I get a little frustrated in political reporting when we are supposed to take the words of a single individual and extrapolate that to what the numbers seem to be saying. If we were to compile a list of responses and take similar sayings, OK, but this is just one individual. We all have unique thoughts and reasons, and I think interviews should be separated in reporting from larger analyses. Just my opinion though.

    On another note, I also get a little frustrated with the Left's use of qualifying words to make a situation seem more emotional. See the fowling:

    Still stung by disappointment, Edward got a job at Home Depot and put himself through barber school.

    I feel for Edward, but i do also for the majority of Americans undergoing these same issues. We shouldn't frame this emotionally, but just say "he got a job at Home Depot to pay for barber school." I think we alienate people by being too emotional, especially the target audience that this magazine would wish to have.

    These are small quips though, I did enjoy the article and like Day's writing.