• jon

    Posted 1177 days ago

  • This article seems to be a follow up of another one that Rojas wrote in this journal, where he seems to be vindicated in his prediction:

    The End of Progressive Neoliberalism

    It's amazing to here that such an overwhelming majority of Chileans voted to rewrite the constitution, but i couldn't help but question Rojas's rational for doing so. First, he seems to imply that it is a sort of socialist revolution. I'm not a scholar on Chile or any of South America, but such a sweeping vote to me doesn't impky unity of some sort but just a total and complete rejection of the status quo.

    On that note, he seems to indicate that the cause of all issues, and what people are voting against, are free markets. He refers to this again and again and I couldn't help but think of John Roemer's essay on this topic in this same journal:

    Market Socialism Renewed

    It seems to me, that informality may be the issue itself rather than markets. I know that Rojas is implying that markets are causing the informality and inequality, but I think it's due to the poor state of them. Coming out of a dictortorahip, those markets were horribly manipulated for the benefit of capital and the ruling class. Of course, Chileans recognize this and voters against the constitution written during this transition. But on the same note, I think that there must be a redistribution if resources, not a destruction of markets altogether.