• jon

    Posted 1119 days ago

  • I was a little skeptical of this piece at first, but it definitely shows Jacobin's entry into "mainstream" culture. Ted Jessup is a successful writer for shows like "Family Guy" and comes from a family with tons of achievement. His father was a respected CIA agent, and his life gives us a little bit of insight into the "elite."

    Other than simply just being entertaining to read (Jessup is clearly a very good writer), the intermingling of all these different families such as the Kennedy's and having a friend who dated Walter Mondale's son, does show that there are social circles that are hidden from the large amount of the American public. I lived in Washington, DC for a bit just a couple of years ago and can confirm that Chevy Chase and some of the northern suburbs of DC are known to have the best schools and access (while also being way too expensive for normal folk to afford).

    The "elites" are being targeted from tons of politicians these days, but that definition can vary by whichever candidate is talking. Jessup makes it clear that his parents are "liberal Democrats," which is the vast majority of people who actually live in DC (92.15% of DC residents voted for Joe Biden). So when a Democrat, other than Sanders for example, targets the "elite," we really must question who they are talking about. Republicans have an easier shot to take here, with "draining the swamp" for example (which obviously has racial undertones as well I think). Jessup shows us that it certainly existed in the mid 20th century, I just wonder if it's similar today.