• David

    Posted 1084 days ago

  • Just...what. This story just got crazier and crazier. I'm not going to pick a side and say that Flordelis is guilty or not; I simply don't know (and the presumption of innocence should be guaranteed before trial). But the entire situation is just insane. Somebody in the family obviously had their hand in his death, but who that is or for what motive is defintely entirely up in the air.

    The fact that the police believe it was her indicates something, but if we have learned anything over the years, the intuition of police is not always the correct one. Of course, they have the most information available to them, much more than the public has, but that doesn't mean they should be believed blindly.

    Apart from that, the fact that Anderson was "adopted" by Flordelis and then married her is scary in itself. Crazy things happen in life for sure, but that one is really crazy. I just wonder what this would look like if it was the other way around (a father adopting a daughter).

    The fact that "Brazilian lawmakers are granted immunity to criminal charges" is also very, very suspicious. In the US, the President is immune to criminal charges, which we were made well-aware of during this past term, but lower level offices are not. These are most likely the people to run schemes anyways, so the fact that any lawmaker is immune is not a positive for democracy, I don't think.

    I really appreciate reading Jon Lee Anderson's reporting. He recently published The Vanishing Wild, which was an excellent piece, and then an autobiographical one, The Musk Ox and Me which was just incredible.