• jon

    Posted 1017 days ago

  • There are two themes that seem to be dominating much of the internet media following the withdrawal of troops, feeling of ambassadors and citizens, and the final takeover of Kabul. First, the images comparing Kabul to Saigon nearly a half a century apart, which a helicopter taking Americans out of the embassy. Second, the $80 billion spent on the Afghan military that crumbled immediately.

    Both if these are serious "embarrassments" as the media is loving to put it, which Wright also chimes in on. I disagree. This is simply reality. We shouldn't have been there meddling in affairs which were doomed to fail. Now is not an embarrassment. The whole thing is. The whole idea of American armies across the globe is an embarrassment. Losing this war was inevitable, already lost years and years ago, and we have held on to that feeling for awhile. The images we see now are simply acknowledging that. Starting in the Trumo presidency and now with Biden, they are fulfilling a desire of American citizens to stop our imperialism abroad. This is not embarrassing to me. It's a sign that what we wanted: less military power and a stronger focus on our domestic government, is really happening.

    Of course, there was some good done:

    Thirty-seven per cent of Afghan girls are now able to read, according to Human Rights Watch.

    But can that really be compared to all the bad the war has wrought? I don't know. I'm not sure what is right or wrong here, but Biden is carrying out the country's wish, the voters who have spoken again and again to stop the war. It's not an embarrassment, the decades before it are.