• jon

    Posted 1030 days ago

  • I don't agree with Filkins's conclusion here. Obviously he knows much, much more about Afghanistan than I ever will, but that's also kind of the point. The American electorate has been listening to technocrats for the last 40 years in Afghanistan claiming to understand it and what we need to do there, and look where it has gotten us.

    No matter how much the media criticizes Biden, or the Left or Right or Center attacks the withdrawal for whatever reason, I think he is fulfilling a promise to voters. Nobody wants this war anymore (they arguably never wanted it in the first place). Yes, the withdrawal was hasty, maybe could have been performed a little better, but we cannot stay "another month" or "another year" like every critic seems to be arguing here and there.

    It was time, there were no mass casualties, and America is removing itself from its neoimperialistic role in Afghanistan. There are things to lament, but there are things to celebrate. This is not good vs. evil like many try to depict it. This is a pragmatic approach saying that we lost whatever it is we hoped to do in Afghanistan and we ate recouping what is best for us as Americans. There will be supporters and critics, but I think this is ultimately a good move.