• jon

    Posted 1022 days ago

  • Timeless, of course, and just as applicable in today's political climate as it was in 1936. Propagandists can't know the full influence they may have. But this has developed into something entirely different today: disinformation.

    The outcome of propaganda may be hard to predict, but disinformation has the ability to erode trust in current institutions priming a society and government for takeover, whether that be "democratic" or not.

    Joe Bernstein's essay on disinformation in this same magazine is amazing.

    No matter how much we can raise our hands in the air at anti-vaxxers or whatever else, Huxley gives us a grave warning:

    The theory may, of course, be completely absurd from a scientific point of view; but this is of no importance so long as men believe it to be true.