• jon

    Posted 979 days ago

  • The two pieces that stuck out to me the most in this article were the joining of the Abraham Accords, which, at least the way Chomsky puts it, is something to be very concerned about on a global stage. He says:

    The opprobrium is clear, but it is not universal. Israel is now firming up its relations with the Gulf and North African dictatorships through the Abraham Accords, a core part of the one coherent Donald Trump geostrategic initiative: to construct an alliance of reactionary states, run from Washington, including Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Narendra Modi’s India, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s Egypt, and now the Abraham Accords, with the Saudi dictatorship in the wings.

    I simply don't know enough about the Israeli-Palestine conflict to give my opinion, but there other point was the use of American aid directly tied with violence on behalf of Israel. Chomsky says:

    For the first time, there are public calls for ending military aid to Israel, reaching to Congress, where Minnesota representative Betty McCollum introduced legislation barring Israel from using any US aid for violence and repression in the occupied territories — unimaginable until recently.

    I certainly could see the US military having overlooked the use of "stockpiles" in order to maintain a strategic base in the Middle East, but now that people are realizing how ridiculous our intervention was in almost every country, we are also realizing things like this have to go as soon as possible. I cannot reprimand Israel or Pamestine for using force, I don't know enough about the historical conflict, but as an American, if any aid provided from taxpayers dollars go to any form of the conflict, that must stop immediately.