• jon

    Posted 1388 days ago

  • I was first shocked at the sincerity of Clinton's article. Often, I feel that politicians use vague or neutral language that feels distant and calculated. Here, I felt that this was an issue that Clinton is fiercely passionate about and that made the reading very personal.

    I think we have to heed her warnings that (1) the pandemic is "exacerbating some of the most insidious and pervasive inequalities women face" and (2) that the current US administration, as well as others authoritarians around the world, are using the pandemic as an excuse for policies that hurt recent advances in women's justice.

    Apart from this, it does feel like this piece is somewhat of a plug for Kamala Harris. Clinton references that there are so few female heads of state, and also that she was discouraged by the tropes about female candidates in the Democratic Primary.

    Being that this is the last issue before the November elections, I think that Clinton is trying to rally support for Harris here. Only November will tell us if it works.