• jon

    Posted 810 days ago

  • As an American living in Europe at the time war broke out, it was shocking to see the European response. In general (overly stereotyping here), Europeans tend to criticize American military spending. But as soon as the crisis broke out, Europe looked towards the US to lead the global response. I don't think that this is because the United States "controls" European policy in any sense, just that Europe would find it very, very difficult to respond to any crisis without the US's backing.

    I highly approve of the Biden administration's handling of the crisis since the beginning: releasing classified military information to the world has presented America differently than many seem to think of us as. It doesn't seem like we are "scheming" being closed doors, but rather informing the world in order to make transparent decisions together. Providing democratic citizens with as much information as possible is essential to understanding what we want. Both the American and European government have responded: sactions by no direct war. People are tired coming out of years of a pandemic lifestyle, and we do not want to escalate a situation that we don't know enough about. Of course we want to defend sovereignty and free choice, but we have learned over many years that imposing ourselves can often make these situations worse.